Meet the Fudists

Jason DeBoever
"I'm not a real cowboy, but this is a really good picture."

Jason is the original founder of Fudist. His career took him through many roles, including U.S. Marine, Code Monkey and Software Architect. Over that time, Jason became very interested in nutrition and found that for many people, a little knowledge made time and willpower much less daunting factors! Fudist grew from that idea, as a way to make it easy to eat better. Jason is now Chief Fudist, and almost never wears a cowboy hat.

Matt Hoffman
"I'm a coder, I'm a hiker, I'm a coffee drinker"

Matt is a co-founder of Fudist. He believes in what he calls the "little things", making many small changes to improve overall health, and joined Fudist because it provides an easy way to eat more nutritious meals. Matt is the main developer for Fudist.


Does Fudist work outside the USA?

Our data is focused mainly in the USA. We show international locations for companies we're already tracking, but we don't have any data on non-US based restaurants yet. We are working on expanding our data, so international support will improve over time.

Does Fudist recommend meals at local and family owned restaurants?

Right now we only have data for have chains and franchises. Most of the ones in the US, even tiny ones, are supported. Thats about 1500 restaurants!

Adding local restaurants is one of our main priorities, though. And if you know of a restaurant that is already publishing nutrition information that we don't have, just let us know and we'll add it as quickly as possible!

If I download Fudist on my personal phone, can I use it on my work phone too?

As long as both phones are either Android or iPhone, you sure can!

Have a question that isn't answered here, or want to let us know about your expierence with Fudist?

We'd love to hear from you! Just send us an email at