Eating Smarts for Eating Smart

Eating Smarts for Eating Smart

It's a Movement
It's Technology

Being a fudist is first and foremost a way of thinking. It’s about eating healthy, but it’s about doing so in the real world. That means no need to skip lunch with the team, or forego your favorite restaurant. In fact, even those decadent meals are ok – in the right portions and the right timing. Have a slice of pizza. Yeah, really, go ahead, any kind of pizza. Enjoy one or two slices and round out the rest of your meal with lean protein and vegetables. Best of all, we'll help you decide what to eat and when based on your personal goals.

You can follow us on twitter @fudist for nutrition tips, suggestions, and healthy recipes. And we really love those facebook likes.

But fudist isn’t just a collection of tips. We are here to enable good eating through technology. Right now you can see how by using our free tool, It will find just the right meal at a restaurant in your area to fit your macronutrient needs (Calories, Protein, Fat, Carbohydrates). Seriously check it out, ten seconds and no sign up required! (But did we mention, we like facebook likes?)

Join the
fudist Colony

See what we did there? Fudist – looks like nudist – oh you already noticed that? Nevermind.

Help build the movement! When you see a great tip for eating right in the real world, tweet it to us, post it to our facebook page, drop a pic on instagram, and tag it #fudist.

The bigger and more engaged the community, the more restaurants feel compelled to be open with their nutritional information. Let’s show them we really care!

Join the discussion with us on facebook. Ask questions, send us comments. If the apps have bugs let us know, if there’s a great new way to approach nutrition, we want to hear it! Vegans to Paleos, everyone should be heard.

What's Coming

Blogs, restaurant reviews, and a lot of community interactivity are happening now. Currently in development is our flagship offering: combining the power of a meal diary; the recommendation engine in fudistEatsHere; grocery and recipe recommendations, and finally social encouragement from your peers and friends, fudist will be help you track and manage all aspects of your nutrition. Down the road, working with your Smart Fridge to build you a recipe from what’s already on hand? Maybe!

Happy Eating!