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  • Feel hopeless in a restaurant
  • Spend 20 minutes looking up nutrition on your phone
  • Decline a dinner invitation so you don't cheat on your diet

What is Fudist?

Fudist is a Meal Recommendation Engine It knows you and your nutrition needs. And unlike a calorie diary which still needs you to do all the thinking, Fudist can make intelligent suggestions based on your nutrition needs, your preferences and your location. It's like Netflix suggestions for restaurants

Fudist makes intelligent suggestions, but it can also show you every possible meal combination at nearly any restaurant to fit your diet.

Fudist uses macronutrients (fat, protein, and carbohydrates) to determine what foods fit your diet.

It supports many diets: IIFYM, Zone, Keto, and more.

Thousands of on-diet meal combinations for almost everyone at almost every restaurant.

Advanced software selects from trillions of combinations to pick only meals that make sense and fit your macronutrients.

Make desserts, fries, or anything fit your diet.

Love flexible dieting but have trouble knowing what to do at restaurants? The answer is here: Fudist solves it!... I really think this is something that can help people big time!
Dr. Layne Norton, PhD Nutritional Sciences; Natural Pro Bodybuilder & Powerlifter

Fudist is the only magical nutrition app I have ever seen.

Dick Talens, Co-Founder of Fitocracy, Author


Are you ready to take control of your your health and start eating more nutritional food? Download the Fudist app on your iPhone or Android device and subscribe to one of the plans below. Discover that eating healthy doesn't have to be hard, even when eating out!

Monthly Subscription

$10 / month
Restaurants by name & macronutrients
Find Restaurants by location & macronutrients
Find all menu combinations for your diet
Sort and filter restaurants and meals
Support 1 to 12 meals per day
Rest Day / Training day support
Macro calculator supporting many diets
Personalized Meal Recommendations
Recipes and Home Cooking
Coming in the not-so-distant future**
* $60 paid annually is 50% off normal monthly rate of $10/month.
** Active subscriptions will automatically receive the feature as soon as it's ready