Come home from every night out feeling great about yourself

Never Again...

  • Feel hopeless in a restaurant
  • Spend 20 minutes looking up nutrition on your phone
  • Decline a dinner invitation so you don't cheat on your diet

What is Fudist?

Fudist is not a calorie diary. Fudist is a Meal Recommendation Engine Calorie diaries just save what you tell them, leaving you to do all the work: to figure it out, to spend the time, and to find the willpower to eat what you should. Fudist makes it so much simpler

Fudist finds every possible meal combination at every restaurant to fit your diet.

Fudist uses macronutrients (fat, protein, and carbohydrates) to determine what foods fit your diet.

It supports many diets: IIFYM, Zone, Keto, and more.

Thousands of on-diet meal combinations for almost everyone at almost every restaurant.

Advanced software selects from trillions of combinations to pick only meals that make sense and fit your macronutrients.

Make desserts, fries, or anything fit your diet.

This is our launch! We have partnered with key people in the fitness and nutrition industry, and for just a few days we will be rewarding our earliest supporters (that could be you!) with 50% off our normal monthly price when you get an annual subscription!

After that, the price will start rising until we reach full price! The earlier you subscribe, the more you save! And get this: you lock in your great rate forever! No sneaky price bumps.

And, with a fully functional free trial week, you'll know exactly what you're getting before you pay anything!

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Fitness Pro

Macros. Macronutrients. That word has a special meaning to fitness enthusiasts, professionals and coaches. You are the ones on the front lines, with the most demanding eating plans, tons of protein, and carefully balanced fat/carb ratios. You are already hitting macros, but it can be hard when you aren’t home to cook every meal. You’d love a way to make it just a bit easier.

Or those of you with clients, who, no matter what you tell them, proudly come back to let you know they “just had a ranch salad for lunch”. Or the breaded chicken sandwich. Then they are shocked when you make them pull up the calorie diary. It would be great if your rule book could incorporate what to do when they find themselves at a company lunch or forced through the drive thru because of time.

Fudist can help. With the ability to easily dial in exact macronutrient needs, with as much or as little wiggle room as you want, and find that there are dozens or hundreds of meal options right near you. Of course, if you’re a gainer, you’re going to be eating a lot of chicken breast. But Fudist is the easiest way to find out that a junior burger or an order of fries are ok to go with ( No you can’t have both! We’re not miracle workers! ). Nothing like an on-plan burger to prevent cheating!

Fat Burner

Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows that time and availability of the correct foods are far more challenging than the willpower to choose the right food when it is available. In fact, the only thing harder is knowing what is the right food at a given time!

Fudist is here to help with both. You will not only be able to instantly find the easiest places to eat a meal that fits your diet plan, but you’ll learn to better understand the options available. So many people go wrong by trying to limit themselves to a boring set of foods that leave them inadequately nourished. That in turn leads to falling off the wagon. Fudist helps with the more modest, and much more successful approach: eat a variety of normal foods every day with a healthy balance of macronutrients.

Of course, to lose weight, you’ll need to combine modest exercise and healthy eating at home with the restaurant options Fudist provides. If you are ready to do that, Fudist is ready to turn the restaurant and fast food obstacle into an ally!


Diabetics have meal management thrust upon them. Regardless of type, and whether you’ve had it your whole life, or acquired it later, you don’t get to pick the timing. You are required to watch your diet as carefully as any model or body-builder, all just to live a normal life.

No doubt you’ve learned what you can cook at home and even have some go-to options at your favorite restaurants. But imagine finding dozens of carb targeted options at nearly any restaurant you find yourself at. Or those times you only have 10 minutes to grab something? Wouldn’t it be great to be quick, have tasty options, and stay on your meal plan?

Fudist can make those happen! If you’re only managing carbs, you can easily restrict only those. If you like more control, calories, protein, and fat can be filtered too. Nobody should eat everything that’s on the menu at some of these restaurants, but with Fudist, diabetics can find a lot more on the menu than they ever imagined!


There may be nothing that can turn a reasonably fit person into a very unfit person like becoming a frequent traveler. Suddenly all your meals are in restaurants, often with very little choice of which restaurants. You are frequently tired or already very hungry by the time you get to eat and your willingness to put in the effort to find something “healthy” is greatly diminished.

The next time you find yourself in that position, you can open Fudist on your phone. With dozens of nearby restaurants and hundreds of options to choose from, you won’t need willpower and you won’t need to give up on your good eating intentions. You’ll simply choose an option and be dining healthy and easily on something you love!


Even if you’re not a conditioned athlete, or looking to shed a few pounds, everyone who finds themselves at a restaurant can use a little help making sure they aren’t making downright bad choices. Maybe you just want to know what is a *reasonable* amount of food for you.

It is knowledge and small changes that take a meal from fit to unfit, not massive doses of willpower. Do you know that breaded chicken sandwich can be as bad or worse than a burger? Do you know that a double serving of pork at Chipotle is a better nutritional choice than a single serving of ground beef?

Fudist can provide a gentle introduction to learning these things. With a calorie diary app, you can find yourself doing a lookup on practically everything on the menu: something people are usually only willing to do after seriously dedicating themselves to this “eating right” thing. But with Fudist you just open the app and look at the options, every one is a reasonably healthy choice.

Once you get more serious, you may choose to learn about food variety and you may want to watch fiber or sodium, and you’ll learn that even ‘reasonably healthy’ restaurant choices need to be varied and mixed with quality whole foods. But every journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step!


Are you ready to take control of your your health and start eating more nutritional food? Download the Fudist app on your iPhone or Android device and subscribe to one of the plans below. Discover that eating healthy doesn't have to be hard, even when eating out!

Monthly Subscription

$10 / month
Restaurants by name & macronutrients
Find Restaurants by location & macronutrients
Find all menu combinations for your diet
Sort and filter restaurants and meals
Support 1 to 12 meals per day
Rest Day / Training day support
Macro calculator supporting many diets
Personalized Meal Recommendations
Recipes and Home Cooking
Coming in the not-so-distant future**
* $60 paid annually is 50% off normal monthly rate of $10/month.
** Active subscriptions will automatically receive the feature as soon as it's ready